InSb/HgCdTe 2-Color

InfraRed Associates, Inc. offers InSb/HgCdTe 2-color infrared detectors for both commercial and military applications. These detectors are constructed to respond to different but adjacent regions of the infrared spectrum. One element has a short wavelength response and the other element responds to longer wavelength radiation.

Typical Applications:
  • Radiometry
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Background Discrimination
  • FTIR Spectroscopy
  • IR Microscopy

Our unique construction permits both elements to be at the same focal point.  The InSb/HgCdTe two-color detector has an InSb element responding from 1µm to 5.5µm and the HgCdTe element to radiation from 5.5µm to 12.5µm. The HgCdTe element can be tailored to extend its long wavelength response to beyond 25mm. Custom configurations to customer specifications are available. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Standard InSb/HgCdTe 2-color infrared detectors

Model Number FOV=60O, InSb (λpk,1000,1), HgCdTe (λpk,10000,1) Std. Pkg. Std. Window

Active Area Element (mm)

Wavelength Response (20% λco) (µm) D*


Responsivity Operating

Temp. (K)

1- 5.5

77 MSL-8


MDL-8 MDL-12



2C- 1 InSb HgCdTe q1/ 1.0x1.0
> 1.0E11
> 3.0E10

> 3 A/W >2000V/W

2C- 2 InSb HgCdTe q2/ 2.0x2.0
> 1.0E11
> 2.0E10

> 3 A/W >1000V/W

MSL-8 Side Looking Metal Dewar---8 Hour Hold Time     MSL-12 Side Looking Metal Dewar---12 Hour Hold Time
MDL-8 Down Looking Metal Dewar---8 Hour Hold Time     MDL-12 Down Looking Metal Dewar---12 Hour Hold Time